Time Signal Clocks

What is a time signal clock?

Time signal clocks (or radio controlled clocks) are watches which regularly synchronize with a radio time signal, such as the UK<"e;s MSF signal broadcast from Anthorn by the national physics laboratory. These signals themselves are generated from an incredibly accurate atomic clock - hence with a time signal clock you can have all the accuracy of an atomic clock on your kitchen wall, or desk.

Wall Clocks

Attach the correct time to the wall of whatever room you're in with a radio controlled time signal wall clock. Note that many wall clocks will only receive the MSF time signal, and thus only work in the UK.

Alarm Clocks

Never up on time? Exactly on time? You can be with a radio controlled time signal alarm clock, receiving the exact time from an atomic clock over radio waves. You can even take some of them travelling with you. Moreover, you never get to to use the excuse "There was a power cut in the night, and the clock reset itself" again.

Garden Clocks

But what if you want to know the exact time outside. You're either limite to using cunning Bear Grills type strategies involving moss, sticks and the sun, or attaching a radio controlled time signal clock to your garden wall. Well, that or buying a time signal watch

Carriage / Mantle Clocks

For style and ellegance, a clock on the mantlepiece is a must. But a radio controlled time signal clock shows you're hip with the latest technology of the atomic age too.

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